If you are from an institution and need help issuing certificates on OpenCerts, here are some companies you may want to contact. Do note that being on this list implies that these companies have demonstrated knowledge of implementing OpenCerts, but does not imply endorsement by GovTech.

If you are from a company that can help to issue certificates and would like to be added to this list, please  fill in this form.

Provides a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) powered digital credential solution supporting the OpenCerts schema as well as W3C DID and Verifiable Credential standards and the developing DIDComms protocols.


Provides a trusted universal industry standard for ID and credentials through a blockchain-enabled decentralised identifier.

NextID Pte Ltd

Our hosted NextCert service produces digitally-signed, tamper-proof academic and professional certificates which support the OpenCerts schema and Verifiable Credentials standards.


Edufied provides a secured and decentralized system for Certificate Issuers, Individuals and Employers to store & verify certifications and credentials using Blockchain Technology.


Enables institutions to issue tamper-proof digital certificates using the OpenCerts Schema.

Knowledge Catalyst Pte. Ltd.

Knowledge Catalyst helps education institutions to issue tampered-proof credentials based on Opencerts framework.

R3D Singapore Pte Ltd

3DCerts protocol is designed to create an added level of protection for certificate issuers (institutions or corporations), owners (students or users) and employers.